Total Body Ultrasound

Total Body Ultrasound

About 40 years after its introduction in Imaging Methods, Ultrasound has seen its applications in the healthcare field grow progressively, now finding routine application in almost all fields of Medicine.

Its qualities as a non-invasive method, widely available, of rapid use, suitable for evaluating the functional dynamics of many organs, combined with the qualities of non-harmful and non-painful investigation have decreed its success in the medical field and the great acceptance by Patients of all ages.

It is now the first level investigation in a large number of pathologies, as well as representing the ideal method for routine screening checks in many areas, from oncology to general prevention. In expert hands, it has a very high diagnostic value and allows the subsequent use of more complex, risky and invasive methods such as CT and MRI to be limited to a few selected cases.

Health Care

Morpho-functional study of female pelvic varicocele
Complete abdominal Echo (with possible Echo-Color-Doppler)
Upper and lower abdomen echo (with possible Echo-Color-Doppler)
Echo large abdominal vessels with possible Echo-Color-Doppler
Echo kidneys with echo color-doppler renal arteries
Transrectal echo (with possible Echo-Color-Doppler)
Endo-vaginal echo (with possible Echo-Color-Doppler)
Endo-echo (anorectal pathology)
Female Infant Pelvis Echo for Suspected Precocious Puberty
Neck echo (with possible Echo-Color-Doppler)
Scrotal echo with Echo-Color-Doppler
Dynamic penis color doppler echo with PGE1 stimulus (functional study of erectile deficit)
Neonatal echoes
Articular echo (with possible Echo-Color-Doppler)
Muscle echo (with possible Echo-Color-Doppler)
Abdominal wall echo (with possible Echo-Color-Doppler)
Skin and subcutaneous echo (with possible Echo-Color-Doppler)
Prevention package for women and girls
Men's Prevention Pack
Child Prevention Package