Bassi-Tessari Foundation

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Lorenzo Tessari, advocate and populariser of
Conservative phlebology of the venous system Step by Step 

A student of Prof. Glauco Bassi, he gathered his scientific heritage, passion and generous vocation for dissemination, giving life to the “Glauco Bassi Foundation” in 1997, then in 2018 it was renamed the Bassi-Tessari Foundation, which is based at the Tessari Studi Legs Medical Institute in Peschiera del Garda where the Phlebolymphology Academy was founded, one of whose objectives is to disseminate the culture of functional restoration of varicose disease.

In honour of the teacher/friend Glauco Bassi who as the final objective in his vision of the year 2047 saw the training of expert phlebologists focused on the well-being of patients, transmitting the culture of vein care not in a single session, but in several sessions (steps).

Taken from his phlebological scientific heritage:
– the “personality” of the veins of the limb must be taken into maximum consideration, i.e., its capacity for defence, compensation and anatomical and functional restoration –

Our commitment

The Foundation aims to enhance the scientific contribution of Doctor Glauco Bassi and the message left in his phlebological scientific heritage, promoting the development of phlebology, guaranteeing education, training, scholarships to young medical specialists and offering voluntary medical assistance in developing countries of development.



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Glauco Bassi, father of modern Phlebology

Doctor Glauco Bassi, an important figure in twentieth-century Italian medicine, ranks among the fathers of modern phlebology, a trait-d’union between the past, present and future of this medical specialization. Passionately interested in phlebology and angiology, he offered a fundamental contribution to the birth and development of the discipline, intuiting and theorizing fundamental aspects before the advent of diagnostic investigation tools that today allow us to verify their correctness.