Maurilio Balzanelli

Maurilio Balzanelli

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Dietitian


Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Verona
Specialties in Internal Medicine


Dr. Balzanelli attended the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in Trieste and then in Verona, where he graduated with honours in July 1984. In the following years he attended the Medical Clinic department of the University Hospital of Borgo Roma (Verona) under the direction of Prof. L.A. Scuro in the department of Dietotherapy and Clinical Nutrition, obtaining the Specialty of Internal Medicine with full marks and honours in July 1989. During the course of study of the Specialty, he assists the medical staff in diagnosis and therapy, actively participating in numerous multicentre statistical-epidemiological studies at national and European level as well as in other research activities for which he is recognized with more than 15 scientific publications (the majority of international and concerning cardiovascular risk factors, Metabolic Syndrome, Diet Therapy, etc.). This collaboration lasted until 1991. In 1986, after completing his military service, he began working both as a freelancer and as a doctor in the area of Peschiera del Garda, where he lives. At the same time, he continued his post-specialist training, especially in the field of metabolism, morbid obesity and eating disorders, collaborating in various capacities with Prof. M. Muggeo, Prof. O. Bosello and Dr. R. Dalle Grave. The field of eating disorders led him to deepen the psychological and psychiatric aspects and dynamics of these problems and therefore a collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry (directed by Dr. S. Frazzingaro) and the Department of Drug Addiction (at the time SERT directed by Dr. R. Ceravolo).
From this collaboration comes Dr. Balzanelli, the ten-year assignment as an Internist-Nutritionist within a dedicated team (ASL 22 – Bussolengo) consisting of Psychiatrist (Dr. F. Gomez) – Psychologist Psychotherapist (Dr. S. Comencini). During these ten years of activity of the service, numerous patients with variable diagnoses (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, NAS disorders, Binge eating disorder, etc.) have been classified and followed, often with psychiatric comorbidities (especially personality disorders).

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