Lorenzo Tessari

Lorenzo Tessari

Surgeon Specialist in General and Emergency Surgery – Phlebologist


Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Padua
Specialist in General Surgery at the University of Verona
Specialist in Emergency Surgery and First Aid at the University of Verona


Lorenzo Tessari was born in 1949 and is a surgeon specializing in phlebology and venous pathologies, trained as the only student of Dr. Glauco Bassi, one of the undisputed fathers of modern phlebology, from whom he inherited the passion for the subject, the scientific approach and the “humanistic” sensitivity towards the patient and the practice of care. In the field of phlebology, he has held numerous teaching positions at the University of Siena, the European School of Phlebology in Paris, the University of San Marino, the San Raffaele University of Rome and the University of Milan. In 1999 he introduced the “TOURBILLON” technique (Tessari Method) for the transformation of a surfactant sclerosing liquid into sclerosing foam, a method that quickly became the most widespread in the world.

Vice-President of the UIP (International Union of Phlebology) and honorary member of numerous World Phlebology Societies, in 1997 he created the Bassi Foundation for the dissemination of phlebological practice and the message of Glauco Bassi. In 2018 the Foundation was renamed the Bassi-Tessari Foundation. He has numerous scientific publications to his credit and since 1985 he has been continuously practising phlebological clinical activity, currently at Tessari Studi.

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