Emanuela Prati

Emanuela Prati

Gynaecologist Vulvologist


Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Brescia
Specialization in Obstetrics
Gynecology Training of epidemiological activities and research in the field of oncology


Trained in gynaecological oncology, Dr. Emanuela Prati has always dealt with pathology of the lower genital tract, in particular preneoplastic pathology, both in the diagnostic and therapeutic fields, and has hundreds of conservative interventions (conization) to her credit.

Since the beginning of her professional activity, she has dedicated a particular interest to the problems of the external genitalia and can be considered to all intents and purposes a “Vulvolologist”, with important diagnostic experience in the pathologies of the vulvar skin district, both “dermatological” and oncological, and functional. The clinical experience gained over the years has led her to develop personalized therapeutic pathways, also through the use of special equipment that allows the bio-revitalization of the mucocutaneous tissues of the lower genital tract.

Over the years of professional activity, she has also gained important experience in the gynaecological endocrinology field, and in particular in the “menopause” sector, whose disorders, early and late, are often underestimated and untreated.

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