Theoretical-practical masterclass in Sclerotherapy

Theoretical-practical masterclass in Sclerotherapy

Over the decades, sclerosing therapy for varicose veins has achieved an improvement in its safety and enhancement of its effectiveness since it was combined with the use of echo- Color Doppler. Through the union of echo-Color-Doppler imaging and the sclerosing drug via foam, the range of possible therapeutic indications for sclerotherapy has expanded. This allowed us to obtain better results for the care of our phlebological patients.

A good therapy, limiting the risks to a minimum, allows the patient to adhere to the therapy therefore to achieve a better result in the treatment of the pathology. The course aims to provide adequate and specific theoretical-practical preparation to undertake the aesthetic and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy technique in total safety and awareness of the therapeutic force.

MASTERCLASS IN Scleroterapia

Upcoming dates 2024:

  • March 15th-16th
  • September 27th-28th

Theory sessions 9:00 – 13:00

  • Venous and lymphatic pathophysiology
  • Hemodynamic study of the IVC via Eco-Color-Doppler
  • The hemodynamic map for IVC
  • Varicose veins of the lower limbs clinical overview, venous shunts, and complications of IVC

Light lunch

Theory Session 2:00pm – 6:00pm

  • Sclerosing therapy: sclerosing agents (liquid and/or foam), devices for use, techniques in different varicose pathologies (ultrasound guided and/or aesthetic) contraindications and unwanted/side effects
  • Surgical therapy: identification of the best operating technique based on the haemodynamics of the phlebological pathology
  • Elastocompression therapy: application of elastic compression in support of the phlebological treatment implemented.
  • Phytotherapy as an aid to veno-lymphatic pathology (acute phase and maintenance phase

Conclusion of the day

Practical session 09:00 – 13:00

  • Hemodynamic mapping and therapeutic strategies
  • Practical sclerotherapy session on foam training device
  • Practical session of aesthetic sclerotherapy on training device
  • Practical session of ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy on a training device

Light lunch

Practical session 2:00pm – 6:00pm

  • Elasto-compression in sclerotherapy therapy (bandage and elastic stocking)
  • Simulation of clinical cases
  • Simulation of a multidisciplinary therapy in a phlebology patient
  • Videos of clinical cases treated in the clinical and operating room

Conclusion of the Masterclass

  • Fornire strumenti di classificazione delle più frequenti patologie venose e trattamento annesso
  • Favorire lo sviluppo delle competenze individuali nell’ambito delle patologie flebologiche
  • Addestrare alla corretta esecuzione della terapia sclerosante
  • Addestrare alla corretta esecuzione della terapia compressiva in scleroterapia
  • Gestione in sicurezza delle complicanze in scleroterapia
  • Promuovere la compliance del paziente e successiva aderenza terapeutica

Total course duration: 16 hours

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