Theoretical-practical Masterclass in Elastic-Compression Therapy

Theoretical-practical Masterclass in Elastic-Compression Therapy

In numerous pathological conditions such as phlebology, trophic ulcers, lymphedema, edema, lipedema, thrombosis, pregnancy outcomes etc., compression therapy proves to be an irreplaceable tool for favourably modifying the venous and lymphatic circulation. Elasto-compressive bandaging is recognized as the Gold Standard in reducing the causes, symptoms, and effects of vascular and lymphatic pathologies.

In the context of vascular lesions of the lower limbs, correct compression therapy is the first-choice treatment for reducing edema and associated complications. This therapy, if not applied correctly, can itself be the cause of important complications and the patient’s lack of therapeutic adherence.

The course is based on best practices and the most recent national and international literature and will teach how to combat veno-lymphatic pathologies.
Participants will learn the classifications of the pathologies involved, the types of bandages most suitable for different treatments and the different methods of application. Furthermore, basic knowledge relating to bandaging techniques will be deepened and elastic compression techniques will be developed in the treatment of cutaneous vascular lesions.


Upcoming dates 2024:

  • March 22nd-23rd
  • October 18th-19th

Theory sessions 9:00 – 13:00

  • PAD and elasto-compression therapy: how, when, and why
  • IVC: appropriate use of elastic compression
  • Lymphatic pathologies and elastic compression: from the beginning to the maintenance of the result
  • Physical principles of elastic compression
  • Types of bandages and their physical characteristics
  • The importance of the pressure detected under bandage
  • Bandaging techniques (spontaneous unrolling, herringbone, figure eight, overlapping coils)
  • Scientific evidence on the use of compression therapy in clinical practice

Light lunch

Practical session 2:00 – 6:00

  • Use of different bandages for packaging the bandage
  • Use of blood pressure monitors under bandages
  • Simulations of patient compliance with the bandage

Conclusion of the day

Duration of the first day: 8 hours

Sessione Pratica 9.00-13.00

  • Simulazioni di bendaggio nella AOP
  • Simulazioni di bendaggio nella IVC
  • Simulazioni di bendaggio nelle lesioni cutanee

Light lunch

Sessione Pratica 14.00-18.00

  • Simulazioni di bendaggio nel Linfedema
  • Simulazioni di bendaggio nel Flebo-linfedema
  • Simulazioni di bendaggio nel Lipedema

Conclusione della Masterclass
Durata della seconda giornata: 8 ore

  • Fornire strumenti di classificazione delle più frequenti patologie veno-linfatiche
  • Favorire lo sviluppo delle competenze individuali nell’ambito delle patologie veno-linfatiche
  • Addestrare alla corretta esecuzione dell’elastocompressione
  • Promuovere la compliance del paziente e successiva aderenza terapeutica

Total duration: 16 hours

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