Theoretical-practical course Echo-Color-Doppler Phlebology

Theoretical-practical course Echo-Color-Doppler Phlebology

Phlebological therapy consists of multitherapeutic approach derived from the union of several methods. Surgery, sclerotherapy, elastic compression, physical activity and phytotherapy are necessary for the conservative therapeutic management of the pathology of chronic venous insufficiency.

An accurate Color Doppler ultrasound investigation allows us to classify the IVC pathology, decide the best treatment strategy for the patient and dose, based on the problem, the correct therapeutic indication.

Eco Color Doppler

Upcoming dates 2024:

  • April 12th
  • November 8th

Theory session 9:00 – 13:00

  • Venous physiology and pathophysiology
  • Haemodynamics of deep and superficial venous insufficiency
  • Complications of CVI: superficial and deep reflux, DVT and SVT
  • Venous shunts in the IVC
  • Physical principles of eco-Color-Doppler
  • Haemodynamic study of the IVC using eco-Color-Doppler
  • Haemodynamic venous cartography

Light lunch

Practical session 2:00 – 6:00

  • Ultrasound setup
  • Practical session with healthy subjects
  • Practical session with patients suffering from CVI
  • Pre-treatment mapping under eco-Color-Doppler guidance

Conclusion of the course and delivery of certificates

Conseguire specifiche nozioni teoriche e pratiche sull’utilizzo dell’eco-color-Doppler nella patologia venosa, partendo dalla fisiopatologia delle varici arrivando allo studio emodinamico delle stesse mediante esame eco-color-Doppler in prospettiva di un trattamento conservativo.

Total course duration: 8 hours

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