Basic theoretical-practical course in Sclerotherapy

Basic theoretical-practical course in Sclerotherapy

The course allows you to obtain specific theorical and practical knowledge on the sclerosing therapy of varicose veins of the lower limbs; starting from the pathophysiology of various veins arriving at the haemodynamic study of the same through echo-Color Doppler examination.

The Course will also provide basic but fundamental knowledge on the most suitable devices and sclerotherapy techniques.

base Scleroterapia

Upcoming dates 2024:

  • February 16th
  • September 6th

Theory session 9.00-13.00

⦁ Venous and lymphatic pathophysiology
⦁ Haemodynamic study of the IVC via Eco-Color Doppler
⦁ Varicose veins of the lower limbs: clinical classification, venous shunts
⦁ The haemodynamic ma
⦁ Sclerosing agents: when liquid when foam
⦁ Materials for sclerosis: which devices to use
⦁ Techniques and correct approach to sclerotherapy in various varicose pathologies
⦁ Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy
⦁ Complications and side effects in sclerotherapy

Light lunch

Practical session 2.00pm – 6.00pm

⦁ Elastocompression in sclerosing therapy
⦁ Practical sclerotherapy session on training device
⦁ Haemodynamic mapping and therapeutic strategies

Conclusion of the course and delivery of certificates

  • Provide classification tools for the most frequent venous pathologies and related treatment
  • Promote the development of individual skills in the field of sclerosing therapy
  • Train in the correct execution of compression therapy in sclerotherapy

Total course duration: 8 hours

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