Basic theoretical-practical course in Elasto-Compressive Therapy

Basic theoretical-practical course in Elasto-Compressive Therapy

The elastic-compressive bandage is recognized as the Gold Standard in the reduction and resolution of edema and trophic lesions of the lower limbs on both vascular and lymphatic basis. Correct elastic-compressive therapy is the first-choice treatment for reducing edema and its associated complications. This therapy, if not applied correctly, can itself cause important complications and the patient’s lack of therapeutic adherence. Having clear notions of pressure, working forces, restraint and compression allows you to make the best use of the various types of bandages to make elastic -compressive therapy effective and safe.

In this course participants will learn the problems of veno-lymphatic pathologies, the types of bandages most suitable for different treatments and different methods of application. The basic knowledge relating to bandaging techniques will be consolidated and safe and ad hoc elastic – compressive techniques will be developed for the pathology to be treated also with elastic and inelastic braces to be applied in maintenance therapy.


Upcoming dates 2024:

  • February 17th
  • September 7th

Sessione Teorica 9:00-13:00

  • Patologie Veno-Linfatiche
  • Leggi fisiche della terapia elasto-compressiva
  • Tipi di bende e loro caratteristiche fisiche
  • Tecniche di bendaggio
  • Linee Guida e Best Practice nella terapia elasto-compressiva
  • La terapia elasto-compressiva oltre al bendaggio (tutori elastici ed inelastici)
  • Terapie coadiuvanti alla terapia elasto-compressiva: fitoterapia, idrokinesiterapia, attività motoria.

Light lunch

Sessione Pratica 14:00-18:00

  • Utilizzo delle differenti bende per il confezionamento del bendaggio
  • Utilizzo delle differenti tecniche di bendaggio
  • Utilizzo dei misuratori di pressione sotto bendaggio
  • Utilizzo dei differenti tutori elastici ed inelastici

Conclusione del corso e consegna attestati

  • Favorire lo sviluppo delle competenze di base nell’ambito delle patologie veno-linfatiche
  • Addestrare alla corretta esecuzione del bendaggio elasto-compressivo
  • Utilizzo delle calze terapeutiche compressive e tutori inelastici.

Total course duration: 8 hours

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